on this day 25 years ago, 96 liverpool fans who went to a semi-final football game and never came home. today we set aside any football rivalries and remember them. ❤️

Anonymous: dem cheekbones doe

das more like it

Anonymous: why is diego such ignorant person

quit with the negativity guys.
he’s a sweet boy.

Anonymous: Do u seriously believe Diego's account is hacked? I know ur a fan and so am I but he fucked up

so you think he did that- then to act like he got hacked he wrote a few weird text posts… “i’m gay”, “send nudes” ect.., then screen shot them, and told everyone he got sent it?
or, somebody has his password (like has happened in the past) ? xo

Anonymous: diego is racist

oh pipe down. where’s your evidence?
he clearly isn’t, fool.

diego’s tumblr has been hacked.. so ignore anything out of character for the moment…

Anonymous: How do you feel about Diego being problematic lately. ( he faked being a black man and forgot to press anon)

hah what the fresh hell?!